About Moon Bound Girl

Moon Bound Girl is an original art based brand created by well known Nashville artist, Leigh Ann Agee. The Moon Bound Girl character came to fruition in 2013 when Leigh Ann was painting childrens murals full time. Leigh Ann realized that her Moon Bound Girl character was truly an illustration of her own inner passion!    Leigh Ann saw that other dreamers were seeing themselves in her faceless character and that's how the brand was born!  Now Moon Bound Girl is available in the form of a boutique styled book, canvas prints, custom paintings, posters and stationery.  Leigh Ann wants to empower dreamers of all ages to start their search for their inner passion as early as possible!   
A note from Leigh Ann: "I wanted to create a character that exudes the joy I feel when creating art.  All my life I was torn between my two loves, music and art.  Melody's Music was the perfect place for me to start.  She is truly me and every other girl dreaming of shooting for the moon and following her heart.  I believe that if you do what you love and love what you do, the whole world will be a better place." - Leigh Ann Agee